Management and Membership

The Kingsbury Community Shop and Café is owned by its members who form the Kingsbury Community Enterprise Ltd (KCEL). Lifetime membership costs £5  and we encourage residents of Kingsbury Episcopi and surrounding villages to join to have a say in the direction of this very successful local service. As a member you have the right to elect and stand for the Management Committee and attend members’ meetings.

The Management Committee meets monthly to oversee operations and accounts and take major decisions. Committee meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Wyndham Arms at 7:30pm.  All members and prospective members are welcome to attend.

The current Kingsbury Shop Committee members are:

Jeffrey Martina (Chairman)
Pauline Warren (Secretary)
Sheila Frost  (Treasurer)
Olwen Herridge (Vice Chair)

Michael English
Philip Parratt
Heather Parratt
Sue Boer
Patrick Godwin
Sylvia Shuttleworth
Katy Cronin

While most positions in the shop and Post Office are filled by volunteers, a Shop Manager and Café Manager are employed by KCEL.

Shop Manager – Sally Palmer

Assistant Shop Manager – Angus Brazier  

Café Manager – Alice Beckinsale

We also offer several part-time paid positions to young people on Saturdays. Please see the Volunteers page for more information.

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